3 Methods to Control Your Toxic Ego

What is toxic ego and how to control it?

What does Toxic ego mean, you would ask? When you are obsessing about a decision or a situation or an event or anything else really. Confusion, not knowing where to start and end. You can be overwhelmed with emotions like anger. To discipline our minds we need to take actions without considering our ego all the time.

  1. Take responsibility

One of the worst things your ego can do is convince you that you’re a victim in unfavorable situations. Have you ever felt pressure from your parents about anything, and then, a thought comes to your mind…”ughh, when am i going to be independent and be the boss of myself?”. You should pause, and ask yourself:

  • What got you in that situation in the first place? 
  • How can you look at it differently? 
  • Should I be grateful that at least I have parents?. 

You should look for the positive parts of the situation, try to be thankful for them. If the negative parts of the situation are rooting from you, then, you should accept that and try to improve in that area of thought.

  1.  Do five acts of kindness in 1 day of the week for six weeks

Studies proved that when you help others, you also feel a rush of happiness, almost like getting high on happiness even. As human beings, we always like to contribute to something bigger than just ourselves. You don’t have to volunteer for hours and days ( even though that would  be great). The simplest acts can make you and the people that you help much happier and less depressed. 

Make you more humble and happy by:

  • buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line;
  • taking time to actually listen to someone;
  • giving someone a genuine compliment.

3. Practice gratitude 

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, it is completely normal to be clouded by thoughts and feelings and not actually see the good things that you have around you. Practicing gratitude can be as simple as admiring a beautiful sunset and having positive thoughts about it. A great exercise to do is to write down something you are currently grateful for once a day for a week. See the results for yourself after that week. 

You can’t control everyone in your life, but you can sure try. Controlling your toxic ego is both important and not as difficult as you think it will be. It all comes down to having a strong self-esteem and a greater sense of self-control. Toxic people are surrounded by those who don’t value them. 

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