5 Reasons Why You Might Feel Sad

And What to Do About It

Everyone feels sad at some point. Sadness can be triggered by a range of things. It may feel like the world is ending and you won’t ever feel happy again, but this feeling only lasts for a short time. Sadness is just a natural reaction to something that has affected you in a negative way. But there are different reasons why you might feel sad. You don’t have to put up with feeling blue for too long – here are 5 reasons why you might feel sad and what to do about it.

Loss or Change

This can be the loss of a relationship, person, job or anything else which was important to you. If you’ve recently broken up with a partner, you might feel sad because you miss the person. When a relationship ends, some people struggle with the change in their identity. They may miss being in the couple, the feeling of being special to someone else, or the social aspect of being in a relationship. If you’ve lost a job or changed roles or even moved to a different city, you might feel sad at the loss of something familiar in your life.


Depression is not just feeling sad once in a while; it is an ongoing feeling of sadness for at least two weeks. You might have trouble sleeping, eating, or even enjoying the things that you usually enjoy. If you’re feeling depressed, it is important to get help. Some people experience depression after life events, but most people who experience depression don’t have any particular trigger. If you think you might be experiencing depression, it’s important to talk to someone. Depression is treatable, and there are lots of different ways to help you feel better.


When you feel anxious, it’s common to experience feelings of sadness. If you’re anxious, you might be worried about the future, or the outcome of an event. You might feel trapped in the present because you’re so worried about what might happen. It’s important to treat your anxiety so you can feel better. Some people find it helpful to write down their worries so they can let them go. Others find that being active helps them to let go of their worry, while others find that being creative is a helpful way to deal with anxiety.


When you’re bored, you’re not engaged with anything and it can make you feel sad. Boredom can creep up on you when you’re not paying attention. You might be bored when you’re in a relationship, at work, or doing activities you don’t enjoy. Try taking up on new hobbies. For example, guided meditations with the Sensera app – it will help you engage yourself with a new activity and get rid of stress and sadness!


You may have inherited your sadness from your family. People who are naturally sad often ruminate on their problems and this can make them feel worse. Those who are naturally sad are also more likely to experience depression. If you’re naturally sad, it doesn’t have to rule your life. You can learn to manage your sadness so it doesn’t affect your life too much.

Sadness is a normal feeling that everyone experiences at some point. It’s important to know why you are feeling sad so you can help yourself feel better. If you’re feeling sad for no reason, it’s important to seek help. It’s important to talk to someone if you are feeling sad. You can also try writing your feelings down, reading, going for a walk, or doing something creative.

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