5 Unusual Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts

5 Unusual Ways to Stop Negative Thought

Do you ever feel like your brain is working against you? It’s almost as if your thoughts are actively looking for things to be pessimistic about, and they find those things a great deal of the time. There’s no denying that negative reviews can hugely affect your life – especially when they become habits. However, with some effort and creativity, it’s possible to prevent them from taking over, at least to some degree. If you also tend to have a pessimistic outlook on life and struggle with negative thinking, read on to discover 5 unusual ways to stop negative thoughts in your tracks and replace them with more productive ones instead:

Change up your routine

Routines are a great way to get things done efficiently and are something that most people can benefit from having at some level. However, if you have negative thoughts, one way to stop them from rearing their ugly heads is to shake up your daily routines. Doing something different can make it easier to let go of negative thoughts, mainly if they are related to a past event that you can no longer control. It’s important to note that this might not be enough, but it can be an excellent place to start.

Learn mindfulness and breathing techniques

Mindfulness can be a great place to begin if you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions and don’t know where to start trying to stop them. Being mindful, or focusing on the present moment, is a great way to halt thoughts running wild in your mind. You can do this through various techniques, including meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Each of these can help you to focus on your breathing instead of your negative thoughts, making them easier to manage. You can also try writing down your thoughts and then ripping them up once you’ve gotten them out of your head. You might be surprised just how much this helps!

Talk to a friend – or even a stranger!

If you have a friend whom you trust and feel comfortable confiding in, you might find that just getting your feelings out can go a long way toward stopping negative thoughts. If you don’t have someone to talk to, though, don’t worry! You can always find a willing ear at a coffee shop or airport if needed. Talking to someone can help you get those negative thoughts out of your head and onto paper, so they can’t get in the way of your life as much. It may seem strange, but many studies back up the effectiveness of this technique.

Write down your thoughts and feelings

This one is similar to the above, except that you write them down instead of talking about your thoughts. As strange as it sounds, writing things down can be a great way to get them out of your head, leaving you feeling calmer and in control. It’s also an excellent way to look back on your thoughts from the past and see how you’ve progressed as a person. It may seem silly, but many studies back up the effectiveness of this method, making it well worth a try if you’ve struggled to stop negative thoughts in the past.

Stop feeding your brain with rubbish

This may seem like a strange way to stop negative thoughts, but it’s a very effective one! One of the main reasons why our brains decide to be harmful is that they don’t get enough nutrients. In other words, you can starve your brain into negativity! To keep those negative thoughts at bay, you must ensure that you’re feeding your brain plenty of good nutrients. That way, your brain won’t feel the need to be so negative. It’s important to note that this might not be enough, but it can be an excellent place to start.


We all deal with negative thoughts from time to time, but it’s important to remember that they don’t have to rule your life! There are plenty of ways to stop negative thoughts in their tracks and keep them from holding you back from the life you want to be living. So, if you’ve been struggling with negative thoughts, try some of these methods – you may be surprised by just how effective they are!

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