6 Red Flags to Look Out for When Dating on Tinder

6 Red Flags to Look Out for When Dating on Tinder

Online dating is a great way to meet potential new partners, but it also poses risks. The anonymous nature of the Internet makes it easier for users to pretend to be someone else or mislead someone about their age, background, and intentions. There are plenty of fantastic people that you can meet online, but there are also a lot of creeps lurking out there. Here are some red flags to look out for when dating on Tinder.

Don’t Meet Right Away

You can’t be sure of anything about a person until you’ve been on a few dates, but many people on Tinder want to rush into meeting up. If someone is desperate to meet up with you immediately, they probably aren’t being selective about their partners. They may also be single-minded about what they want from a relationship or sexual experience. It’s better to take your time and meet people who are more willing to date a little before meeting up. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You’re not obligated to meet up with anyone on Tinder, and it’s often a good idea to play hard to get and make someone wait a while before meeting in person.

Someone Who Has Been Previously Incarcerated

It’s normal to want to move on from your mistakes, and many people have been incarcerated at some point in their lives. If it happened a decade ago and the person has kept their nose clean since then, it’s not a deal breaker. If someone is upfront about a past mistake, you can decide whether or not to date them based on their current behavior and future plans. But if they try to hide it from you or lie about it, be careful. You don’t want to be involved with someone who isn’t honest about their past and uses deception as a way to avoid telling the truth about their convictions.You can also ask your potential partner to provide you with information about their conviction.

Keep Receiving Background Check Requests

Sometimes, people accidentally request a background check. If you keep receiving these requests, it’s a good sign that something is up. It’s possible that your Tinder partner is trying to find out more information about you. It’s also possible that they’re on the run from the law. If your partner has a criminal record, they can use a background check to find out what information is available about their conviction. If you keep getting these requests from your Tinder partner, you’re probably being catfished. 

They Ask for Cash

Someone who asks for cash upfront for a date is a scammer. Tinder has made it more difficult to initiate contact and trade money, but you’ll still run into people who try to get you to send them money. Being upfront and honest about your situation is crucial. If you’re struggling financially, you don’t need to lie and say you have plenty of money. But you also don’t need to tell the truth and say you don’t have any money. By all means, don’t ask people to send you money. If a person who you’ve been dating asks for money, it’s a bad sign. It’s also illegal in many states. 

They’re Only Interested in Hooking Up or Casual Sex

Dating sites and apps are great places to meet people, but if you’re only interested in casual sex and your potential partner is interested in a serious relationship, you may want to steer clear. When someone only wants casual sex, it’s best to steer clear. You don’t want to waste your time, and you don’t want to lead someone on. You can try to steer the conversation in a different direction, but you may want to end the relationship if your potential partner is only interested in hooking up.


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