6 Tips to Control ADHD Stimming

How to Get Control and Live a Balanced Life

Everyone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) experiences it differently. This article presents some ways to deal with this problem. 

What is Stimming?

Stimming is a form of self-soothing behavior that anyone can do when they need a break from the stresses of life. It involves repetitive movements such as rocking or twirling. Stimming also involves making noises. Many who experience ADHD also display stimming behaviors and other calming activities like drawing or reading books alone. People who stim to relieve stress are said to have “self-stimulated” at the moment

Tip 1: Educate Yourself About ADHD and Stimming

Stimming is a normal part of life for many people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  The best way to begin to avoid stimming is to educate yourself on the condition. Awareness of the problem is the most critical part of solving it.

Tip 2: Establish a Routine

A way may not cure the disorder, but it can help ease symptoms, making it easier to concentrate. ADHD is not a choice but a diagnosis that affects millions of people. It’s a neurological condition that makes it challenging for people to pay attention, control impulses, and finish tasks. So, create a routine that helps you feel more in control to be more focused. This could include having a specific place they sit at home, wearing certain clothes, eating the same food, and having people around.

Tip 3: Take Care of Your Body

Stimming can often lead to soreness in your body and muscles. For instance, injury, sprains, and muscle pain. Stimming should not be done with your body if it is straining or causing pain. Think of how your body feels after a long and hard day. You’re exhausted, craving a warm meal, and ready to relax in your favorite chair. This is how your body feels if you stim too much. You can take care of your body by eating healthy meals full of nutrients, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated.

Tip 4: Create a Safe Haven

Stimming can help individuals with ADHD focus on the present moment. It can be used to help control emotions, thoughts, and feelings. While it can be helpful in certain situations, it can create others. When we are in the moment, we are often not thinking about the future or what is to come. You can help your loved one who stims by creating a safe space or environment where they can be in the moment without distraction. This could be a small, quiet room or a house corner. It could have soothing colors and be free from clutter. You can also create a haven with your words.

Tip 5: Find a Counselor or Support Group

When coping with life’s challenges, getting support from others who understand is a great way to manage your emotions and stress. Many people with ADHD are not able to recognize they’re feeling stressed. This is because they’re so used to feeling that way that it has become a normal state of being. You can help your loved one who stims by suggesting they see a counselor or join a support group. This will allow them to focus on other people’s problems and gain insight into managing their emotions.

Tip 6: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You can help your loved one who stims by reminding them that it’s OK to ask for help when needed and ask for help for yourself also. If your loved one’s stimming has become unhealthy, there are ways to help them: 

  • create an environment where it is easier to get control (if they are clicking a pen and it’s driving you insane, find a way to help them connect less). 
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed by their stimming, you can suggest finding a way to divert their attention. 
  • Try asking them to help you with a project or to watch a show with you.

By following these tips, you can help reduce stress and live a more balanced life. Also, some psychological books, apps, and videos will help you to overcome this problem. My new favorite is the Sensera app, so you can try it. Download now to get happier!

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