How To Know If You Are Dating a Narcissist?

When you first meet someone, it’s hard to know what they’re like. How can you tell if you started dating a narcissist? 

About Narcissism

Narcissists are masters of hiding their true selves and pretending to have interests that they don’t have. They are so good at being fake that many people think they can only exist in movies or books. But as any survivor of a narcissistic partner knows, they are very real and destructive in the lives of their victims. Also, there are different kinds of expressions of narcissism: sexual, parental, workplace and celebrity narcissism. 

There are red flags that can alert you to the presence of a narcissist before things get too serious.

First Fact: They’re Only Interested in Being Adored One

First of all, they’re only interested in being adored one. The telltale signs of narcissism are craving attention, praise, and adoration from all around them in excess. If your partner seems to be seeking attention from everyone around him/her, and especially from you, it could be a sign that you date a narcissistic personality. 

Second Fact: They Want All The Attention They Can Get

Secondly, nasty break-ups are common with narcissists because their partners quickly grow tired of giving them the attention they crave. You may see this sign in your partner if they seem to be way more interested in what other people think of them. Also, narcissists often can’t discern the difference between genuine compliments and flattery. They want all the attention they can get, whether it’s positive or negative. 

Third Fact: Narcissists Are Very Confident in Their Self-Worth

Moreover, narcissists are very confident in their self-esteem, but their value is more related to their status than to their actual talents or abilities. Their high opinion of themselves can lead to several problems (e.g., relationship problems) If you don’t feel comfortable giving gifts or other things that your partner thinks they deserve, that’s a bad sign.

How To End a Relationship With a Narcissist in The Right Way?

  • Provide yourself with external support. You need to discuss the situation with your parents or close friends.
  • Lack of a final conversation. The classic version of the breakup is considered a serious heart-to-heart talk, after which the former partners go in different directions while continuing to maintain a friendly relationship. For the narcissist, it is worth making an exception and denying him this rule.
  • Limit the circle of communication. Not all friends and family will support you in your decision to break up with the narcissist. There will be those who will say that you made a mistake. And half of them will do so under the pressure of the narcissist.
  • Expand the sphere of activity. It is important to understand that the narcissist is not the center of your universe. After a breakup, you should take up a new hobby, visit a new city, and so on.


Thus, this type of person is destructive, taking advantage of others for their selfish ends. If you are dating a narcissist, you need to leave as soon as possible. They are toxic and cruel people who are only interested in themselves. Take care of yourself!

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