How to be Calm and Rational in Tense Situations?

How to be Calm and Rational in Tense Situations?

It’s easy to lose control when you’re facing a stressful situation. In these moments, your emotions can get the better of you and make you do or say things that you might regret later. However, it is critical to keep your cool and remain rational even in tense situations in order to avoid making things worse. That being said, it can be challenging to remain calm and rational all the time. Here are some ways to stay collected in tense situations:

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is a great way to calm yourself down in tense situations. This happens because it trains your brain to focus more on the present moment, which is critical when you’re trying to avoid reacting emotionally. Once you’ve calmed down, you can then approach the situation much more rationally. When you’re stressed, your body enters a flight-or-fight response. This happens when your brain detects a threat to your safety and triggers changes in your body to prepare you for confrontation.

These changes include an increase in your heart rate and breathing rate, which is why you might18 feel like you can’t catch your breath when you’re stressed. Practicing deep breathing can help you calm down so you don’t respond to your stress in an irrational way.

Don’t react until you have all the facts

It’s easy to react emotionally when you’re dealing with a tense situation. It’s natural to feel defensive when someone is judging you or putting you in a difficult situation. You might want to lash out in response to defend yourself and prove that you’re right. 

When you’re feeling defensive, it’s important to hold back and not respond to the situation immediately. Instead, collect your thoughts and wait until you have all the facts about what’s going on before you make a move. This will allow you to remain calm and collected so you don’t respond to the situation in an unnecessary or harmful way.

Learn to recognize when you’re becoming irrational

The only way to control your actions is to be aware of when your emotions are taking control of your rationality. If you notice that you’re acting out of character, know that you may be getting irrational. When you’re feeling stressed, you might be prone to saying or doing things that you might regret later. While it’s natural to be a bit irrational when you’re feeling pressured, it’s important to recognize when you’re being excessive so you can regain your composure. When you recognize that you’re being irrational, take a step back and collect your thoughts before you respond to the situation. It can also be helpful to write down what you’re feeling and why so you can process those emotions rationally instead of acting on them.

Stay positive and remind yourself of your positivity mantra


When you find yourself in a tense situation, it’s important to remain calm and rational. That way, you can avoid responding to the situation emotionally and instead respond in a way that is appropriate and helpful. When you’re feeling stressed or pressured, it can be easy to forget your rational thoughts and fall into a negative cycle. It’s important to remain calm and focused so you can respond appropriately to the situation and keep the situation from becoming worse. 

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