How to Build Your Self-Esteem

A Guide for Adults

When you have low self-esteem, it can feel like there’s no way out. It feels like something you will have to live with forever. But the truth is, self-esteem isn’t fixed. It can change over time and with new experiences. Keep reading to learn more about how to help your self-esteem grow!

Talk To Yourself Like You’d Talk To A Good Friend

When you’re feeling down, it can be easy to tear yourself down verbally, even though you’d never say those things to a friend. When you’re having a bad day, try talking to yourself like speaking to a good friend. If you have trouble stopping the negative self-talk, write it down (on paper, not in your head) and then rip the paper up. This helps interrupt the self-talk and gives you more control over your thoughts. It’s not easy to change the way we talk to ourselves, but it’s worth it.

Do Something You Love

Sometimes our self-esteem is low because we don’t have anything we love doing. We’re so busy with school, work, relationships, and trying to be the best version of ourselves that we forget to put something we enjoy at the top of the list. If you need help figuring out where to start, try something new. Sign up for a class (like painting or cooking), make a new friend, or volunteer at a local organization. Find joy in what you’re doing; it will help lift your spirits and boost your self-esteem.

Be Kind To Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has bad days. But it’s how we respond to those mistakes that matters most. Don’t let it tear you down if you’ve made a wrong decision or done something you regret. Learn from it, forgive yourself, and move on. There’s no point in beating yourself up over something you can’t change. No rule says you have to be perfect. There’s no such thing as perfection.

Build Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships can make you feel more confident, happy, and loved. They can help you achieve your goals, feel more secure, and have positive thoughts about yourself. And healthy relationships don’t have to be between romantic partners. They can be between friends, family members, or mentors. There are many ways to build healthy relationships, but it’s possible to do with almost anyone in your life.

Take Care Of Your Body

Your body is the vessel by which you experience the world. It’s the machine that helps you do the things you love and live your daily life. If that machine isn’t in good condition, it can affect your self-esteem. What are some ways to take care of your body? 

  • Get enough sleep; 
  • Eat healthy food; 
  • Exercise at least a few times a week

What you do to care for your body will depend on what works for you. There are lots of resources out there that can help you learn how to take care of your body and boost your self-esteem. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Everyone does!

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