How to Deal With People Who Don’t Like You?

Dealing with people who don’t like you can be infuriating and hurtful. But as challenging as these situations are, they present opportunities to grow your character and make positive changes in your life. Here are some ways to deal with negative people if they don’t like you.


  • Understand why people don’t like you
  • Ask your friends to help
  • Show people you don’t care
  • Take a breather and change the subject
  • Conclusion

Understand why people don’t like you

There could be any number of reasons why a person might not like you. Maybe you remind them of someone from their past who hurt them. Maybe they don’t get along with your friends or they’re jealous of your success. The key here is to try your best to understand the other person’s perspective so that you can confront the issue.

Ask your friends to help

If you’re having issues with a co-worker or someone you’re not as close to, ask your friends to help put things in perspective. If they’re aware of the situation, they may see things you’re missing. Try talking to them about the situation and see if they can offer you any insights.

Show people you don’t care

There’s no reason to feel guilty about your life. You didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s not your fault that someone doesn’t like you. There’s nothing you can do to change their mind or their feelings. If someone makes snide comments, don’t say anything. If they’re giving you rude remarks, ignore them.

Take a breather and change the subject

If someone keeps making catty remarks about you or your life, try to change the subject to something neutral. If someone doesn’t like you, they’re going to keep bringing it up and making you feel bad. You don’t want to engage with them, so try to change the subject.


Negative people who don’t like you are going to keep coming back into your life from time to time. Rather than try to push them out of your life or try to confront them, you’re better off learning how to deal with them. Negative people aren’t worth your time. You have better things to do with your life than worry about what some jealous jerk thinks of you.

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