How to Know If You Have an Anger Management Problem

When you think of people with anger management problems, you may think of someone throwing a fist or smashing a door. You may not realize that if you have an anger management problem. It doesn’t mean that you’re always angry; it just means that when you’re angry, you tend to overreact in unhelpful ways.

Assess Your Behavior

It’s not enough to know that you tend to be angry. You have to know how your anger affects your behavior. Ask yourself these four questions: Do you ever lose your temper and yell or scream? Do you ever get into physical fights? Does your anger cause you to act out in ways that are dangerous or illegal? Does your anger cause you to act in ways that are uncharacteristic of you?

Know the Signs of an Anger Problem

The first sign is when you get angry, you find that you can’t control your emotions. Even when you know that they are overreacting, they feel like they are out of your hands. Also, you often have feelings of intense rage and resentment. This can be so strong that it feels like you might explode. When you’re angry, you tend to think about the things that made you upset for longer than is healthy. You tend to blame other people for your anger and your own problems.

Think About Why You’re So Angry

If you feel angry all the time, it’s worth thinking about what might be making you feel this way. Do you feel like people never listen to you and you have no control over the way people treat you? Is your job making you feel powerless and frustrated? Do you have issues in your relationships with friends, family members, or partners that are causing you to feel angry? Is something in your past causing you to feel this way?

Decide If Medication Could Help

Sometimes, especially if you’re under a lot of stress or if you have trauma in your past, you might find that you’re feeling angry all the time. If this is the case, then the first thing to do is to talk to a professional, like a doctor or a therapist. They may recommend that you try anti-anxiety medication. This will help to reduce your feelings of anger and agitation and make you feel much less overwhelmed. If you find that medication can help you, then it’s worth it.

Take a Good Look at Your Relationships

If you have an anger management problem, it’s likely showing up in your relationships. Anger is an isolating feeling, so if you are feeling regularly angry and upset, you are more likely to avoid social contact. You might notice that not only are you avoiding social situations but you are also having problems in your ongoing relationships.

If you find that you have an anger management problem, the first step to dealing with it is to recognize it. Only once you know that you have a problem can you start to work towards overcoming it. If you think that you might have an anger management problem, then it’s worth talking to a professional about how to overcome it. The sooner you deal with your anger, the better your relationships will be.

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