How to Live With Strict Parents Without Complaining or Rebelling

When it comes to your parents, there’s often no win-win. Either you give up your privacy to live in their house, or they give up their peace of mind living with you. Understanding and respecting your parents is the first step toward getting along. But how do you go from passive resentment to a productive relationship? Let’s look at some tips for living with strict parents without complaining or rebelling.

Establish boundaries and be respectful

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when living with strict parents is assuming that their rules don’t apply to you. This will only exacerbate your situation, and eventually, the two of you will find no way to agree. The best way to build a healthy relationship with your parents while living at home is to be respectful and establish boundaries. Carry on a normal conversation, and avoid speaking to them like they’re your teachers. Put yourself in their shoes, and remember they’re living with you, too.

Set up a communication channel

Even if your parents have never really been big on communication, there’s something about cohabiting with someone that makes it essential. You’re living in close quarters, which means there are bound to be disagreements. Before either of you has a chance to get too worked up, one of you should set up a communication channel. One way to do that is to set up an email address both of you can monitor and respond to.

Don’t throw a tantrum when you’re grounded

This goes back to the respect thing. If a parent grounds you, they think you need a break from being out in the world. While you’re grounded, you can’t go out and party or hang out with your friends. You can, however, do other constructive things. You can spend time reading, watching educational videos on YouTube, or working on a project. When you’re grounded, you’re not entitled to anything. You’re expected to do chores around the house and not be a burden to your parents.

Activities to avoid

There are a few activities you should avoid while living at home with strict parents. These will only add to your parents’ stress which is the last thing you want. Avoid activities like frequenting loud bars and clubs, driving late at night (if your parents forbid it), and drinking and smoking. While you’re living at home, you should not engage in activities that could cause harm or inconvenience to your parents. This will help you to build a positive relationship with them and show them that you appreciate their rules.

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