Signs of Narcissistic Behaviour and How to Deal With It

Narcissists are known for their love of attention, tendency to exaggerate their own importance, and the need to be admired by others. In fact, narcissists can be so self-involved that they don’t even realize they’re coming off as egotistical. 

Constant Envy and Discard

A lot of people enjoy feeling accomplished and having something to brag about, but narcissists are always trying to one-up every story. They will take any opportunity to mention how much money they have, how many people they employ, how many houses they own, etc. To narcissists, the world is a competition they are always winning.

Excessive Self-Importance

While some people are modest about their achievements, narcissists are the complete opposite. People with narcissistic tendencies will downplay their failures and exaggerate their successes. They may even change the facts about events that happened in the past to make themselves look better. They may claim to have invented a product or idea that someone else actually came up with.

To narcissists, everything is about them. They may interrupt a conversation to talk about themselves, or make everything about their needs.

Shifting Standards and Conditions

When narcissists make plans, they often break them or change them to suit their needs. Narcissists may also change plans or agreements once they’ve already agreed to them. Narcissists will often change the rules in relationships and friendships to suit their needs. They may promise to help someone out and then change their mind and refuse to do so. They may break promises to visit loved ones or start a project that they’ve agreed to do.

Abusive Language and Behaviour

Sometimes narcissists show their true colors in the way they speak to you. They may interrupt you while you’re talking and never show any interest in your life. And if they do show any interest, they might do it in a way that’s rude and insensitive, such as interrupting you multiple times to ask a single question, or cutting you off mid sentence to make a point.

Narcissists are also known for speaking excessively and harshly, especially when they feel threatened. If something doesn’t go their way, they may suddenly erupt with rage. 

What to Do If You’re In a Narcissistic Relationship?

Whether you’re dealing with a narcissist in a romantic relationship, at work, or even just with friends and family, narcissism can be a difficult thing to deal with. Narcissism is often misunderstood, and those who suffer from it often don’t even realize they’re doing it. If you’re dealing with a narcissist, the best thing you can do is not take it too seriously, set healthy boundaries, and develop a thick skin.

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