The Impact of Being Cheated On

What it Does to a Woman’s Self-Esteem

Being cheated on is a horrible feeling. It can leave you feeling helpless, worthless and completely broken. But it’s also something that many women unfortunately have to deal with on a regular basis. It’s easy to think that the worst thing about being cheated on is the actual act of being betrayed by someone you care about and trust. And while that is definitely not something that you should ever take lightly, there are far more serious implications of being cheated on than just the simple betrayal itself. Being cheated on has a much longer lasting impact on your self-worth than you may anticipate. Fortunately, these negative effects from being cheated can be easily countered with positive changes in your life so that you can recover from this unfortunate experience as soon as possible… 

It Ruins Your Confidence 

If you are constantly questioning your self-worth, you’ll never be able to fully trust yourself. This is especially true if you are constantly dealing with self-doubt after being cheated on. You may find yourself questioning your decisions, your judgments, and even your thoughts. You may even start to wonder if you’ve somehow changed as a person, or if you’re just a completely different person than you used to be. You won’t be able to move past the cheating partner, or the situation, until you regain your confidence in yourself. 

It Shakes Your Self-Esteem 

The most significant problem of being cheated on is that it shakes the foundation of your self-esteem. Rather than having a sense of confidence and believing in your self-worth, you may feel like you’re unworthy of love, support and affection. Being cheated on not only makes you feel like your partner doesn’t love you or respect you, but it can also make you feel like you’re just not worth as much as you thought you were. Being cheated on is a powerful experience that can shake your confidence to the core and make you feel unworthy of love and affection. You may feel like you’re not enough for anyone to be with you, let alone someone who actually loves you. 

You May Constantly Doubt Yourself 

When you are constantly second guessing your decisions and your thoughts, you are living with constant self-doubt that is draining to your self-esteem. Being cheated on can make you doubt yourself on almost every level. You may constantly wonder whether or not your partner is faithful or if they are hiding things from you. You may constantly question your sexual experience and wonder if you’re doing things right. You may even start to question your intelligence and ability to make sound decisions. 

It Causes You To Question Yourself and Your Behavior 

When you’ve been cheated on, you may start to overanalyze yourself and your behavior to the point where you are constantly questioning if you did something wrong. Being cheated on can make you question every aspect of your relationship and what you did wrong if you didn’t end it. You may have done nothing wrong and been the perfect partner, but the cheating partner may have just wanted to leave the relationship regardless. Being cheated on can make you question your sexual abilities and make you feel ashamed of yourself. You may feel like you let your partner down, or that you are not pleasing them in some way. 

You May Start to Hate Your Body 

After being cheated on, you may start to hate your body. You may start to feel like you don’t deserve affection from your partner, but you also may resent them for it and feel like you have no control over the situation. Being cheated on can make you feel like your body is the reason your partner left you and cheated on you. You may feel like it’s your fault that the cheating happened, and that it was your body that caused it. You may feel like you’re not attractive enough or that you have to change something about your body in order to make your partner stay. You may start to do things like cut yourself, starve yourself, or engage in other harmful behaviors in order to punish yourself for feeling unworthy. 

Luckily, while the process of recovering from a cheating partner is difficult, it is also something that can be overcome with the right amount of time and effort. 

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