How to Accept Your Appearance and Finding Love

How to Accept Your Appearance and Finding Love

To many single people, the idea of finding love is often coupled with an idealized view of how they want to appear. 

The problem is that this kind of thinking isn’t sustainable in the long term. It makes you reliant on external validation and makes your partner a secondary priority because you’re so focused on yourself.

Find Self-Love Before You Can Find Love

There are many myths about what it means to be attractive — that you have to be tall, have a certain body type, have a specific hair color, have certain facial features, etc. The problem is that there is no one perfect type of person. What someone finds attractive varies from person to person, and while some of these things might seem like they are universally attractive, they aren’t. 

Instead of being focused on finding someone who will see you as attractive, focus on finding someone who will see you as awesome, regardless of your appearance. You might not be able to control who you fall in love with, but you can control who you let into your life. 

Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and kind, and who accept you for who you are, regardless of your appearance.

Your appearance is just one aspect of who you are. When you’re focused on this one aspect, you’re ignoring all the other things that make you an amazing person. You’re also missing out on the opportunity to practice self-care, which is incredibly important. Self-care is a way to focus on your well being and helping you to feel good about both your inside and outside. 

Part of practicing self-care is being kind to yourself. If there are things about your appearance that you want to change, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Make sure you’re not doing it to impress other people or because you feel like you have to — only do it if it’s making you feel good.

Stop Obsessing Over Your Appearance

While you should make sure that your appearance is clean and tidy, you shouldn’t be spending a lot of time worrying about it. When you’re spending too much time focused on your appearance, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of negativity and self-destructive behavior. 

You might be tempted to go on crash diets, shop for new clothes, go to extreme lengths to minimize your wrinkles, or spend hours doing makeup and trying to style your hair. This is a bad idea for several reasons. First, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep it up in the long term. All of these things will be incredibly stressful, and are likely to end up doing more harm than good in the long term.

Don’t Judge Others By Their Looks

At the same time as you’re not focusing too heavily on your appearance, you’re also not judging others too much based on their appearance. It’s easy to slip into this trap, especially if you’re not feeling great about your own appearance. You might start to look at others and judge them based on their hair, skin, height, weight, clothes, or makeup. 

You might feel like they are less attractive than you, or that they don’t deserve to date someone amazing, just because they’re not as attractive as you think they should be. This is both incredibly harmful and incredibly unlikely. You can’t control who dates who, and you can’t control how attractive someone else is.


The secret to finding love while accepting your appearance lies in being kind to yourself and others. Focus on self-care and making sure that you’re living a healthy, happy life. 

Don’t spend too much time obsessing over your appearance, and don’t judge others too much based on their appearance, either. When you focus on these things, it will be a whole lot easier to accept your appearance and find love.

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