Three Things to Tell Yourself When an Ego Boost is Needed

Ego is not always bad; having too much ego or a toxic ego is terrible, but not having enough ego is not OK. Self-esteem is vital for personal growth, and we should always keep it in check, whether it is too loud or non-existent.

“I can’t control everything.”

If you are preparing for a test or a meeting and feel your confidence is faulty, remind yourself how much you qualified for this moment and that you probably went through similar or worse situations. You’ve studied for that test, you’ve prepared for that meeting — you are ready. Focusing on the “what ifs” will only lead to undue stress. When you feel your confidence falter, remind yourself how prepared you are for the challenges that lie ahead.

“I know I can do this.”

In stressful situations, anxiety tends to kick in, making it very easy for your mind to focus on negative thoughts. Think about your accomplishments and reassure yourself that you can do the task or participate in an event. Try focusing on what you are sure that you can do and achieve. The sensera app allows you to write down your thoughts, making it much easier and lighter to keep track of. When stress and anxiety strike, it can be easy to focus on negative thoughts. Instead, practice positive self-talk and reframe your internal conversation. Think about your accomplishments and the things you have done that make you feel proud. Focusing on what you know you can do — rather than what you fear you can’t do — will help you have courage to overcome an obstacle.

“It is OK to make a mistake.”

With the pressure of work or school, people tend to make mistakes amid the mess in their minds. Mistakes will happen, and obsessing about them will not help at all, forgive yourself for previous mistakes and take them as a learning opportunity for the future. Often the pressure we feel when faced with important tasks comes from the fear that we will mess up or do something wrong. Mistakes happen and dwelling on them does not help boost confidence or self-esteem. It is important to forgive yourself for past mistakes and think of them as learning opportunities. Ask yourself what you have learned from that mistake and use that information to do the best you can in your current situation.

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