Tips to Stop Falling for Bad Guys

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Tips to Stop Falling for Bad Guys

Dating bad guys can be thrilling and addictive. They can make you feel like no one else can. If you’re in a pattern of dating men who are not good for you, it’s time to stop. Read these tips on how to stop falling for the bad guys and find your great guy instead.


  • Acknowledge what you’re looking for
  • Don’t give these guys your time and attention
  • Set boundaries with your time and energy
  • Take care of yourself physically and emotionally
  • Conclusion

Acknowledge what you’re looking for

Before you can stop falling for bad guys, you have to acknowledge what you’re looking for. Bad relationships frequently occur when we don’t find what we’re seeking for in a partner. What are you looking for in a relationship? Why do you want that? What will it look like? Once you know, you can start to see the patterns in bad relationships and break the cycle.

Don’t give these guys your time and attention

Bad guys can swoop in and make you feel like you’re their only option. They want to keep you distracted from the red flags in your other relationships. Bad guys are not interested in giving you their time and attention. They are only interested in getting your attention so they can use that to get what they want from you.

Set boundaries with your time and energy

Bad guys will try to suck you dry, especially if they are feeding off of your energy and time. They will attempt to make you feel like they deserve all of your time and energy when they don’t. Bad guys will create a feeling that you have no power to refuse to give them everything that they want from you. So you need to learn how to set personal boundaries so that no one can manipulate you and get into your head.

You need to create a proper state of mind and think carefully about your attitude to them. You must also be physically fit in order to have the energy to be against that kind of guy. If you have all these options stable you could get away from unconscious love with a bad guy. Get rid of it. And start your relationship again, but with a man that truly deserves you.


Almost every woman experienced a relationship with a bad guy. Because nobody can avoid mistakes and love is a thing that you can’t control. You should detect your type of relationship and stop it if you are dating a bad guy. You deserve better! 

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