Toxic Moms

Signs of a Toxic Mother and What You Can Do

A toxic mom knowingly hurts their child without regard or regard for the pain they cause them. They don’t just dislike their child but go out of their way to ensure that everyone else knows how much they hate them. If this sounds familiar, check out these signs that your mother might be toxic.

You’re always apologizing

Children of toxic mothers are constantly made to feel guilty. This might range from disliking her friends to disliking her cuisine to opposing the person she is dating. Your mother is probably toxic if you make excuses to her even when you are not at fault. 

You feel like you can’t be yourself around your mom

A toxic mother doesn’t like the real you. She wants you to be the person she would have raised, not the person you are now. A toxic mother seeks to shape her child into the person she believes they should be rather than the person they are. This is so because a toxic mother uses her child to help her feel better about herself because she has problems with her identity.

Your mom tries to control everything in your life

A controlling mother has a control fixation and is never happy with her child’s decisions. She wants to ensure that every aspect of your life is done just as she would. She wants to make sure her youngster heeds all of her instructions.

Your mom makes you feel bad about yourself

Your mother is toxic if she repeatedly tells you you aren’t good enough. A toxic mother has problems with her own self-worth and uses this to make her children feel horrible about themselves. She wants her child to suffer since she lived a difficult life and wants them to share that experience. However, a toxic mother is blind to the fact that she is harming her child and contributing to their self-esteem issues.

Your mom is constantly criticizing you and your appearance

A child of a toxic mother is not beautiful in her eyes. She cannot perceive any good in her child and only sees their shortcomings. She makes it a point to tell her child how unattractive, obese, and stupid they are and how no one will ever like them. Because she struggles with her own self-worth, she doesn’t want her child to feel good about themselves and instead wants to make them feel as low as possible.

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