Understanding Strange Emotions and Their Positive Benefits

Understanding Strange Emotions and Their Positive Benefits

Everyone feels uneasy from time to time. Most of us will experience a variety of negative emotions at some point in our lives — like fear, guilt, anger, and sadness. Strangely enough, these negative emotions give us positive benefits in the long run. They help us identify threats, exercise caution when needed, and signal that something isn’t right. So while they might seem strange at first glance, there is a scientific explanation behind why we feel this way sometimes.

What is a Strange Emotion?

An emotion is a psychological state that causes physiological and behavioral changes. When we’re feeling strange, it’s important to understand what emotion is at the root of our feelings. If we don’t identify what emotion we’re feeling, we won’t be able to control it. For example, you may feel a little nervous before a date. Or you might feel anxious when delivering a speech in front of a large audience. If you don’t understand what emotion is driving these feelings, you won’t be able to control them.


Fear is a sudden feeling of apprehension caused by an awareness of danger or risk. When you feel threatened, your body puts you on high alert. This causes your heart rate to quicken, your muscles to tense up, your breathing to become more rapid, and your palms to sweat. When these reactions happen in the presence of danger, they help you react quickly. 



Guilt is an emotion that can come after you’ve done something you regret. You might feel guilty after missing curfew, taking something that isn’t yours, or hurting someone you love. Guilt can help you become a better person. It shows you that you have made a mistake, which is important because it prevents you from making the same mistake again.


Anger is a negative emotion that can be caused by frustration, hurt, or injustice. Sometimes anger can be helpful because it inspires you to fight against what is harmful. However, when anger becomes extreme and uncontrolled, it can cause problems. You might lash out and hurt someone or destroy property. You can learn to control your anger by taking deep breaths, counting to 10 (or 100), and removing yourself from the situation.

Strange emotions can come from many different places. Sometimes we get anxious because we are unsure about something, and other times we get angry because something has hurt us. But these emotions also help us. They keep us safe and give us a sense of power. It’s important to take your emotions seriously, but also to remember that they will probably pass with time. Be sure to understand your emotions and why they come up. By doing this, you can better control them and use them to your advantage.

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