Ways to Support Someone with Depression

You should try your best not to stress them out even more by creating friction in their life. Here are a few ways that you can support a loved one who is dealing with depression. 

Check-In With Them Regularly

When someone you know is depressed, they might not want to talk about it. If they don’t open up, you might feel confused or frustrated by their silence. The worst thing to do is keep pushing them to open up.You don’t need to use words; simply give them space and let them know that you are there for them. This can be done through simple hugs, taking them out for a walk, or simply letting them know that you are there whenever they want or need to talk.

Don’t Judge Them or Pressure Them to “Cheer Up”

Many people associate mental health conditions like depression with laziness. When a person is depressed, they don’t have the energy or drive to do the things that they normally would. You mustn’t pressure your loved one to “cheer up” This will only make them feel worse.

Treat Them With Love and Respect

When you love and respect a person, you don’t condescendingly treat them. You don’t try to “fix” their problem or force them to live a certain way. Instead, you let them know that you love them as they are. You respect their right to deal with the illness in their way. By treating them with love and respect, you help them feel less alone. You let them know that you care about them, not just their symptoms.

Help Them Find Professional Help

When a person is experiencing depression, they might be unsure about what to do. It might seem like an overwhelming task to find a therapist and start getting treatment. You can help them find support groups in your area. If they are too shy or embarrassed to go alone, help them to find  a therapist that they feel comfortable with.


Being there for someone with depression is challenging, but it is also very rewarding. Depression is not something that someone can “snap out of” or “will away”. It’s a real medical condition that requires proper treatment. By helping a loved one through depression, you are helping to give them their life back.

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