Which Ways of Motivation Work and Which Do Not

The Carrot and The Stick

Which Ways of Motivation Work and Which Do Not

Negotiate with yourself instead of forcing yourself

When we force ourselves, all our energy goes into pushing and resisting. Be your own best friend – don’t try to make yourself do something you don’t want to. Instead, have a conversation with your inner self and find the root of your reluctance. 

To choose the course of action that suits us best at the moment

It’s important to be realistic about your resources and not demand more from yourself than you really can right now. Be honest with yourself and separate things you want and things you actually can do. It’s very important to not go hard on yourself. 

Taking small steps and appreciating them

Most people have a habit of devaluing what we have done and emphasizing what we have not yet succeeded. Tip: Celebrate small victories by being proud of them, and you’ll have the energy to take the next step. 

Don’t comparing yourself to someone else

We all have different circumstances, backgrounds, and resources. Our bodies, psyches, experiences, and environments are different. All of this affects us, our productivity. Two people doing the same thing can get completely different results-and that’s okay.

Scolding, criticizing, humiliating

For some reason, when we look at ourselves in the mirror and award ourselves aloud with unpleasant epithets, we don’t run to the gym, but only get even more upset and go lie on the couch.


Words like “if you don’t go to the doctor right now, then it will be too late” also do not help, but cause even greater anxiety and a desire to hide under the covers from all the problems.


Any aggressive action generates resistance of equal strength. And here we have already spent all the energy on the internal struggle, and still there.


A lot of us want to change and improve at least one aspect of our life. Sometimes it can be complicated to find the motivation just to make a start. You’ve learned some tips which can help you to be motivated as long as possible.

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